4 Homemade Candy Bars

Sure, you can find countless candy bars at any supermarket worth its salt, but have you ever tried making your own at home? It's actually pretty easy and the results are so much more satisfying than simply opting for the store-bought variants — all you need is a couple of juice cartons, a handful of M&M's, Raffaellos and almonds, then you're good to go!

You'll Need:

  • 2 empty juice cartons

For the white chocolate version:

  • 5 oz white chocolate
  • 3 Raffaello candies balls
  • 6 whole almonds
  • 1 tsp coconut flakes

For the marble chocolate version:

  • 3 oz white chocolate
  • 2 oz milk chocolate
  • 9 peanut M&M's
  • 4 crushed regular M&M's

For the dark chocolate version:

  • 5 oz dark chocolate
  • 2½ cookies
  • 2 caramel candies

For the milk chocolate version:

  • 5 oz milk chocolate
  • 6 cinnamon cereal pieces
  • 3 dried apple rings

Here's How:

1. Rinse out the juice cartons thoroughly. Next, make vertical cuts down the sides of both cartons to the left and right of the spout; the two center parts with the spout can be disposed of.

2. Melt the different types of chocolate in a water bath. Next, separately fill three of the juice carton "holders" with milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. In the fourth holder, first pour in the white chocolate before adding the milk chocolate on top. Now carefully the stir the milk chocolate with a fork or toothpick to create a marble design.

3. Add peanut M&M's on top of the marble chocolate version. Next, sprinkle crushed regular M&M's on top of this.

4. Place the cookies in the dark chocolate version and grate caramel candies on top.

5. Cut three Raffaello balls in half and place them on the white chocolate version. Place almonds in between the balls and sprinkle coconut flakes over everything.

6. Place dried apple rings and cinnamon cereal on the milk chocolate version and sprinkle crushed cinnamon cereal on top.

7. Refrigerate the candy bars until they have hardened.

8. Remove the candy bars from the holders and cut them into bite-sized triangular pieces.

With some transparent gift wrap and a pretty bow, you can turn your homemade candy bars into the perfect present for loved ones. Alternatively, you can keep these delicious sweet treats to yourself and enjoy them with a good book or Netflix show on the couch.

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