4 Festive Holiday Cakes

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without a huge selection of homemade treats. We all know and love the classics like gingerbread men, peppermint bark, and yule log cakes, but Christmas is also the perfect time of year to get cozy in the kitchen and try out something new! These 4 festive recipes for holiday cakes will help you serve up some extra holiday cheer and put a smile on everyone's face this year. Deck the halls and your dinner table with one of these stunning desserts! 

1. Winter Wonderland Cake

Since the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, most peoples' baking time is dedicated to making cookies for Santa and his reindeer, but we think that there's plenty of room to broaden your horizons where seasonal desserts are concerned, and that's where this stunning winter wonderland cake comes in. A gorgeous scene of a cozy house, adorable snowman, and snowflakes softly falling on the ground – it's a surefire way to enjoy the beauty of the winter season!

Get the recipe for the Winter Wonderland Cake.

Winter Wonderland Cake

2. Christmas Zebra Cake

Want to amaze your guests this Christmas with a true showstopper of a dessert? Look no further than this festive red and green cake! A peaceful winter scene, complete with a whole field of brightly decorated Christmas trees on top of a delectable cake – it's the perfect dessert for you to try out this holiday season! 

Get the recipe for the Christmas Zebra Cake.

Christmas Zebra Cake

3. Christmas Peppermint Candy Cake

Some of the most fun Christmas foods to make are the desserts, and this peppermint candy holiday cake is no exception! This delicious cake looks like it came straight out of Santa's workshop with its gorgeous peppermint candy platter, whimsical frosting peaks, and stunning red & green white chocolate accents. Its fun, festive design screams Christmastime, and its taste will have you and your loved ones lining up for more. It's a cake fit for Santa Claus himself! 

Get the recipe for the Christmas Peppermint Candy Cake.

Christmas Peppermint Candy Cake

4. Winter Snow Globe Cake

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you've come to the right place! We're going to show you how to create a veritable winter wonderland right in the comfort of your own home – and you can eat it too! That's right, we're talking about an edible snow globe that consists of a luxurious, moist chocolate cake to form the base of the snow globe and an intricate dome made out of gelatin that sits atop the cake and houses the most adorable decorations from here to the North Pole!

Get the recipe for the Winter Snow Globe Cake.

Winter Snow Globe Cake

These 4 holiday cakes are sure to make this holiday season extra special. Each and every cake will brighten your mood, fill your home with festive flavors, and bring the magic of Christmas straight into your mouth. 'Tis the season to treat yourself, after all!


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