3 Delicious Valentine's Day Gifts To Share With Your Loved Ones

February 14th is the perfect day to spoil your other half with lavish gifts and creative surprises. And because everyone knows the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach, here are 3 edible Valentine's Day gifts that will show just how much you care.

You'll need:

For the love letter:

  • 10½ oz flour
  • 7 oz butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 can cherry pie filling
  • sugar

For the heart pasta:

  • 8 lasagna noodles
  • beet juice

For the pretzel hearts:

  • 15 oz dark chocolate
  • 30 mini pretzels
  • 7 oz white chocolate
  • sugar pearls
  • heart sprinkles


  • heart-shaped cookie cutters in two different sizes

Here's how:

1. Love Letter

1.1 If you feel it's time to finally wear your heart on your sleeve, first you'll need to preheat your oven to 350°F. Prepare the shortcrust pastry by mixing the flour, butter, and sugar until a smooth dough forms. Roll the dough out with a rolling pin, cut it into a large rectangle, and use a pizza cutter to create 5 rhombuses. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut small hearts out of the unneeded dough on the sides of the rhombuses.

1.2 Spoon a small portion of cherry pie filling on each rhombus and then fold each one into a small envelope, as seen in the video. Place a small dough heart on each envelope, brush with an egg wash, and sprinkle sugar on top. Place the pastry envelopes on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and bake about 12 minutes, or until the love letters are golden brown. You've got mail!

2. Heart Pasta

To give your sweetie your heart, heat one pot of beet juice and one pot of water. Once they are boiling, add 4 lasagna noodles to each pot and cook for 4 minutes. Place all 8 of the cooked noodles on a clean work surface and cut out noodle hearts with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Let the hearts dry, place them in a small plastic bag, tie with a ribbon, and you're ready to give your heart away to the right one!

3. Pretzel Hearts

You're sure to melt someone's heart with this third recipe! Speaking of melting, go ahead and melt the dark chocolate in a hot water bath and then evenly spread it over a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Smooth out the chocolate, neatly press 30 mini pretzels into the chocolate in even rows, and sprinkle sugar pearls over the entire pan. Melt the white chocolate and spread it over the inner pretzel arms and spaces. Finally, decorate the pretzels with the heart sprinkles. Once the chocolate has set, use a hot knife to cut individual pretzel heart squares.

Homemade gifts are always the best because then your loved one knows it came straight from the heart!

You can find the recipes for the 3 Valentine's Day Desserts featured in the bonus video here.


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