23 Super Sweet Cookie Ideas

Think you've seen it all when it comes to cookie recipes? Think again! These 23 original ideas for cookies would surprise even the Cookie Monster with both their deliciousness and originality. From cool new decorating tips to easy ways to bake cookies that look like they came straight out of a bakery, you're in for a real sweet treat with these recipes!

1.–13. Cookie Decorating Tricks

A world without cookies would be a sad place indeed. And while some people will argue that it doesn't matter what a cookie looks like since eating the cookie dough is the best part, others are adamant that it's the overall look and design of the end result that really counts. And while it's hard to resist a few nibbles of cookie dough as you bake, we have to say we agree with the second opinion on this one. In fact, these 13 decorating hacks are so enchanting, we're pretty sure you'll also feel the same way afterwards!

Get the recipes for the 13 Cookie Decorating Tricks.

13 Cookie Decorating Tricks

14.–16. Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream Creations

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most beloved desserts out there. Everyone has their preference, whether they like them with a bit of a crunch, on the doughy side, or absolutely exploding with ooey, gooey chocolate. No matter how you like them, we think there's still some unexplored territory waiting to be discovered where these sweet treats are concerned, so buckle up for these 3 brand new chocolate chip cookie creations. Each gorgeous design has a creamy, homemade vanilla cream filling, bringing the chocolate chip cookie even closer to perfection than it was before! As Cookie Monster would say, "Om nom nom!"

Get the recipes for the 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream Creations.

3 Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream Creations

17.–20. Dreamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Desserts

Let's be honest: chocolate chip cookies are what get you through the day, the week, the month... your life just wouldn't be complete without them. And as any cookie fiend will tell you, the most appealing part of any cookie is the cookie dough, which is why we've decided to make it the focus of these scrumptious recipes that let you put it to good use!

Get the recipes for the 4 Dreamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Desserts.

4 Dreamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Desserts

21.–23. Shortbread Heart Cookies 3 Ways

Oftentimes, the simplest gifts are the ones that really show how much you care, which is where our 3 sweet and simple shortbread heart cookies come in – they're great gift ideas that come straight from the heart. Plus, these beautifully designed cookies both look and taste like their secret ingredient: love!

Get the recipes for the 3 Shortbread Heart Cookies.

Shortbread Heart Cookies 3 Ways

If you're a cookie fan, then you have to give these 23 incredible ideas a try. Each and every recipe will show you how to bake a batch made in heaven! 


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