13 Delicious Hot Dog Recipes: Cheesy Corn Dogs, Bacon Pepper Brats, Spiral Potato Dogs, And More

If you're anything like us, you've probably eaten a few hundred hot dogs in your life. There's just something about them: the convenience, the versatility, the unmistakable hot-dogginess... we're getting hungry just thinking about it! So if you love hot dogs as much as we do, you've got to check out some of our favorite hot dog recipes. Hot dog, hot dog, hot-diggity-dog!

1.–4. Doughy Hot Dog Snacks

Hot dogs are one of the most beloved summer foods all over the world, and especially in the US. After all, what would a BBQ or cookout be without one?! But instead of just tossing the wiener in a regular ol' bun, why not try something new? We've come up with 4 fun hot dog recipes using pizza dough to shake things up a bit! Get the recipes for the 4 Doughy Hot Dog Snacks.

Pizza Dough Hot Dogs

5. Bacon Cheese Pepper Brats

If you're into firing up the grill as much as we are and love hot dogs as much as we do, you should definitely give this recipe a try. This is one epic hot dog featuring a juicy brat stuffed to the gills with melted cheese and then double wrapped in bacon and a red pepper! It's BBQ season, y'all! Get the recipe for the Bacon Cheese Pepper Brats.

Bacon Cheese Pepper Dog

6. Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs

A hot dog is the ideal snack for any time of day. Whether you pick one up from a hot dog stand or make them yourself at home, they're always delicious and super easy to make. This unique version gets wrapped in cheese and dough and is then fried to crunchy perfection. But the cherry on top is the the appearance – it actually looks like an adorable octopus! Get the recipe for the Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs.

Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs

7.–9. Crazy Hot Dogs

If you've only been eating your hot dogs on a bun with some ketchup, mustard, and relish, you don't know what you've been missing! Sure, the old bun and condiment recipe may be the standard go-to way to eat your dogs, but it's a little boring, don't you think? Actually, the humble hot dog doesn't get nearly enough credit, so we came up with these recipes to showcase its versatile nature! Get the recipes for the 3 Crazy Hot Dogs.

Crazy Hot Dog Recipes

10.–11. Potato Dogs

Nothing says warm weather like a juicy hot dog. And while they're certainly a classic and not something you'd ever turn down, sometimes it's good to mix things up a bit and try new things. That's why we've put our heads together to come up with two brand-new twists on the tailgate and fair food favorites! Get the recipes for the Potato Dogs.

Potato Dogs

12. Bacon Cheeseburger Dog

Hamburger, cheeseburger, Juicy Lucy, bacon dog, hot dog — what do all these things have in common? Besides being unbelievably delicious, they are all featured in this recipe! We figured why not take the best that American fast food has to offer and combine it all in one tasty dish? Cookout food has never looked so good. Get the recipes for the Bacon Cheeseburger Dog.

Bacon Cheeseburger Dog

13. Hot Dog Bread Ring

Hot dogs and bread go hand in hand and are a staple at any get-together. But whether you're socially distancing in your backyard or relaxing in front of the big screen at home, there's no denying that the good ol' hot dog on a bun, while an undeniable classic, can get a little boring at times... not to mention messy. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution with this tasty ring that keeps everything contained! Get the recipes for the Hot Dog Bread Ring.

Hot Dog Bread Ring

Did any of these delicious recipes pique your interest? Some of them may be a bit out there, but trust us, they're just as delicious as a dog with ketchup, mustard, and relish. Give em' a try, and have fun!


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