10 Magical Christmas Desserts

1. Christmas Zebra Cake

Want to amaze your guests this Christmas with a true showstopper of a dessert? Look no further! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

2. Marzipan Cherry Tiramisu

One of the best things about Advent is all the traditional sweet treats that make a return to our tables, ready to be enjoyed in the run up to Christmas. Whoever decided to combine seasonal favorites like marzipan with that dessert classic, the tiramisu, really deserves a medal. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

3.–6. | 4 Christmas Market Classics

When it's cold and dark, there's nothing better than comfort food. To make it though the long winter, the Germans have come up with a number of great tasting sweet snacks that we'll show you how to make today. Though the following treats are usually eaten with a glass of mulled wine at Christmas markets, there's nothing stopping you enjoying them any time of the year. So what are you waiting for?! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

7. Snow Globe Cake

This snow globe is a little different from the ones you normally see. Why? Because you can eat it! Be sure to admire your masterpiece before digging in. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

8. German Jelly Donuts

When it comes to donuts, everyone has their favorite... and there are just so many different options to choose from! Lucky for you, this recipe for the famous German jelly donut, also known as the Berliner, will give you 4 different choices. They're so easy to make, there's just one problem left to solve — which tasty incarnation to eat first! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

9. Christmas Tree Cupcakes

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! How creamy are your branches! Of course, our sweet Scrumdiddlyumptious mini Christmas trees are edible. The spectacular shape comes courtesy of a skillfully disguised ice cream cone, decorated with buttercream. They're a lot of fun to prepare and even more fun to eat! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

10. Raffaello Cake

A delicious Raffaello is the closest you can get to being transported to a tropical paradise in one bite-sized treat. While TV commercials attract vacationers with crystal clear water caressing immaculately white beaches, our wonderfully coconutty cake brings the Caribbean to your very own kitchen — with the help of some Raffaellos, of course. Get the full recipe & instructions here.


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